Is your organization ready for the next normal?

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Watch this video to discover how public sector organizations are transforming to face mounting demand and limited resources – and how they can successfully embrace and leverage new tech. 

Greater efficiency, processes that support employees, and maintaining and improving frontline service delivery are top priorities for the public sector. But achieving them is a challenge in an environment where legacy tech combines with new working patterns to create a perfect storm of frustration and disengagement.

To help you understand how technology can help you meet rising service demand while efficiently using limited resources and keeping your staff engaged and productive, we’ve created this 2 minute video brief based on IDC’s latest research.

Check it out to discover:

  •  IDC’s 3 priorities for public sector transformation to address systemic changes.
  • How you can leverage modern operational technologies to empower your people and enhance citizen outcomes. 
  •  How multiple public sector organizations are leveraging modern ERP to improve performance and satisfaction.

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